Irrigation Technician

Humboldt County, CA

Job Title: Irrigation Technician

Reports To: Ranch Manager


Humboldt Growers Network, an industry leader in North California Cannabis production, Is seeking a qualified Irrigation technician to assist with project success at a Southern Humboldt Property. This is a position for anyone that wishes to deepen their experience working in a high intensity, precision-focused cannabis production environment.

Ideal candidates for the Irrigation Specialist position will have several years of cannabis farming experience - specifically with pest treatment and mitigation. You will be responsible for applying pesticides, developing treatment schedules and keeping accurate, up to date reporting of your application schedules. . You should be a well rounded individual with a great work ethic and bring positivity to the workplace.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work a flexible schedule, including weekends, holidays and evenings, as required.

  • Maintain records and submit reports on conditions of all irrigation systems.

  • Diagnose problems with electrical meters and pumps; necessary repairs and adjustments to maintain all systems in proper working conditions.

  • Develop and execute successful pesticide testing and mitigation methods.

  • Determine nutrient applications, mixes and plant needs based on seasonal and weather related changes.

  • Determine plant nutrient needs and program modifications based on seasonal and climate related changes.

  • Maintain open and honest communications with co-workers and supervisors.

  • Develop reports determining results of current strategies by using quantifiable data.

Necessary Skills

  • Deep understanding of pest prevention, testing, mitigation and extermination practices.

  • Punctual, detail oriented and exacting with measurements

  • Read, write and clearly speak effectively

  • Safely transport, lift and handle bulky objects weighing up to fifty (50) pounds.

  • Perform heavy manual labor for extended periods, often under hot and humid conditions.

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors and other employees.

  • Have a good sense of humor

  • Operate company vehicles and possess the required license.


  • Knowledge of industry standard tools and equipment used for irrigation systems maintenance work.

  • Must possess a valid and up to date California Pesticide Applicators License

  • File monthly reports of pesticide use to county governing body.

  • Proper weed abatement techniques and proper safety precautions for handling chemicals.

  • Understanding of components of plant and turf health including signs of distress, effect of weather and impact of users.

  • Within OSHA guidelines, withstand periods of physical expose to the presence of fumes, odors, dust and pollen without incapacitating adverse effect.

  • Utilizing best practices for irrigation use of recycled water.

  • Considerable knowledge of how environmental impacts including airflow and sun exposure affect evaporation rates and fertilizer activity.

  • Deep understanding of how seasonal changes affect pest resistance

  • Possess a driver's license and have a clean driving record.

  • Excellent communication skills (oral, written and presentation) & a good sense of humor.

  • 2-5 years experience as an irrigation specialist or related role.


48 hours/week (6 x 8 hour days)

Onsite housing options available


$60,000 - $80,000 a year (DOE)

Bonus structure

Health benefits not included.


Southern Humboldt County